Friday, December 19, 2008

Women (Doctor) entrepreneurs in Madurai

These days Women entrepreneurs are setting up hospitals and they are running their business perfectly. There is nothing women cannot do, which Man can only do!!

We are going to talk about a successful Doctor in Vadipatti, Madurai.
Dr.Sarmila completed her MBBS degree in Madurai Medical College and completed her MD in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Chennai Medical College. She was one of the few in Madurai to complete this.

Though she was born and brought up in Madurai, she practiced near Salem privately for couple of years, practiced in Madurai Jaihundpuram area also and gained good amount of experience. Came back to her home town and settled in Vadipatti, Madurai.

She has setup a polyclinic called - Sree Women's Polyclinic, Vadipatti, Madurai. Running successfully in that locality and serving the villages in and around. Eventhough, her husband is helping her out with the business and service - her success so far is much appreciated. These kind of women entrepreneurs in Madurai has to be greatly appreciated. More and more people have to come out like this!!!

Dr.Sarmila's polyclinic is located on the main road of Madurai-Dindigul; in Vadipatti. Easily accessible...

We(Madurai Times Publication) wish Dr.Sarmila a grand success in her life and career. We hope she builds multiple hospitals in and around Madurai and serves people for a health living!!

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Beggars are avoided and respected in Madurai

Madurai Corporation is calling to arrest beggars in Madurai.
There was a recent news (couple of months back) that beggars were arrested and they were released very soon.

My question is - what would police do by arresting these beggars? Most of the beggars are helpless. I am thinking - Beggars are of three categories in Madurai. In fact, everywhere...

1) Physically and/or Mentally Handicapped and do not have a way of doing any work or do not have reasoning. Complete helpless.
2) Partially handicapped - like one leg is gone for example.
3) Completely lazy, homeless and ran-away-cases from their hometown.

First category is the one should be helped and placed in homes for homeless.
Other two categories should not be helped at all.

In Madurai, all the three categories are available. There are some organizations and individuals who help these beggars and homeless people. All said, If you help the second and third categories, it is not healthy at all for Madurai - that guy would become more and more lazy.

I support helping the first category, but not the second and third category.

Instead, work on getting a home and put them in homes for homeless. Give them employment and give them food only when they work! That will give self respect and dignity for them. Even if you don't have a leg or a hand, anyone should learn to live by himself or herself.

We cannot feed them all the time and throughout their life. Neither arresting the beggars would help.

We used donate to Akshaya Trust two years back, but now we could not due to lack of human resources for new madurai foundation. On those days, I asked Akshaya Trust Krishnan and I was enquiring about whom does he feed daily. He replied - he feeds only the first category. Good Stuff...I appreciate his efforts, also he said he is aiming towards building a home. I am not sure, what is the status on it currently. If he is still working on his long-term aim, I am sure he is collecting funds for it. Need to contact Akshaya Trust Krishnan and ask about it. If you want to contact Akshaya Krishnan -

Akshaya's Helping in H.E.L.P. Trust
9, West 1st Main Street,
Doak Nagar Extension,
Madurai – 625 010. India
Ph: +91(0)452 4353439/2587104
Cell:+91 98433 19933
E mail :

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Elderly People and Senior Citizen's productivity in Madurai

People wait for the age of 58 and retire from them work, once they are 58 or 60.
After that, senior citizens...

Privileges in train tickets; will have tax reduction and/or wherever they go they get advantage.

However, I believe there are much more things, which can be done by them. In foreign countries the elderly people and senior citizens are much more productive and independent in their life.

They generate money and produce something or other.

For example, McDonalds was founded and built by the Ray Kroc in his late 50s.
KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken) was founded by Harland Sanders in his 60s.

Our senior citizens should try to be healthy and be productive than what they are doing right now, I believe.

The same advice goes to this generation also - in terms of health and productivity.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pongal festival: Famous festival in and around Madurai

This is Madurai Mani. I will be a special reporter for "Madurai Times" from now on.
We are aiming to take Madurai Times Publication to the next level by end of 2009...


Pongal is one of the major festivals in Tamilnadu, which is popularly called as Sankaranthi in other parts of India. It is also the birth of a new tamil month ('thai'). Now this day has been considered as the Tamil new year day by the government of tamilnadu also.

As this day is nearing by with only hardly a month, let me share some things about this day which I know.On Pongal day, the people used to wear new clothes and this day is mainly for the cattle and machinery used for cultivation. So farmers mainly celebrate this day by presenting the cultivated goods and presenting to the Sun god. The village people normally celebrate this day by decorating their houses, fields and cattle. They would expect this day as auspicious day as they would have harvested their crops and this should continue throughout their life time. The main food items for this day would be Sweet pongal (ingredients may depend on the financial status of the family).

Other things include the Sugarcane which is purple in color and the Lunch made of fully homegrown vegetables. Root vegetables like potato varieties is also included in the menu.On the next day of Pongal, people used to have non-vegetarian and the next day is the day of Mattu Pongal. This day is mainly for the cattle. On this day they will take care of their cattle specially by decorating and giving special food. Moreover on this day cattle will be sent for Jallikattu also - which is a popular brave sport.

I would like to share some of my experiences during pongal day.We used to wait for this day as we can chew sugarcane on this day. Normally I would love to eat sugarcane a lot. Then about the Lunch in our home it will be heavy with full of vegetables. All vegetables will be there in the Sambar and for side dish we would have potatoes, pachcha mochai and beans usili. Dinner will be completed with dosa and the remaining Sambar. This sambar will be in our home for another two days. :-)

Great festival! But now I am away from my home, missing all the above. Though I am with my family here, I am missing a lot without my parents who are there in my home town. I dont know whether I am having any plan to go to my home town on this day, but I am hoping to do so.

Hope your experiences are similar!

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A Game that is forgotten as Years goes by - Jallikattu.

I would like to mention about the famous dravidian game - Jallikattu. Alanganallur, a place in Madurai district is a specific place where this game is famous for. In an around madurai, that too specifically villages also sport such games, but to a small extent. Bulls from all over the tamilnadu will be participating and show their strength. Brave men from the age of 15 to 60 will be participating. Some men end up with serious damages and even lose their lives doing such acts.Also I would like to share one of my breathtaking experience in one such game. Dont think that I had indulged in the act of handling the bulls. But on that day I went just as a spectator. I, my brother who is in CA now and my friend went to witness the game. We had a nice spot to view the game of chasing and as time went on, more and more bulls were going and brave men were chasing them. As it was nearing the end of the game, we three decided to move towards our place and were trying to get way out of the crowd. What happened to our surprise is that, we got strangled in a small gap between two houses when crowd were pushing us and suddenly a bull tried to enter a crowd present over there. There was no other go and we were nearly very near to the bull and it was very fierce. Suddenly i caught hold of one of the low lying roof outside one of the house and my brother and my friend got slipped into a thorny bush. But luckily men from the crowd diverted the bull and it went in the other direction. We had a very narrow escape. phooh.
So always play safe.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

DeccanForce Career Consultants, Madurai - Placement/Recruitment/Man Power Consultants in Madurai for South India

DeccanForce Career Consultants, Madurai

Are you looking for a job?
You have graduated, but not sure what to do now?
You feel you are not ready to work, but you are in a need to get a job?
You need career counselling?
You need training in facing interviews?
You want to improve communication skills?

There is a company in Madurai to help you get jobs.
Yes - "Velai Vaaippugall in Madurai and in fact anywhere in South India" in any domain and industry/job category. Yes - "Private Employment Exchange" in Madurai to serve South India.

The company is called Deccan Force Placement Consultants.
We shall provide you more information about the company and their services in forthcoming days.

Deccan Force Consultants fall into all the following categories:

Recruitment Consultants
Placement Consultants
Career Care Consultants
Man Power Consultants

DeccanForce is in the process of building a jobs portal, but for now, please send in your resumes to or

"Madurai Times" had a phone interview with Mr.Muthukumar Natarajan, Director of DeccanForce Consultants, Madurai.

"Considering the economy conditions all around the world, there is a need for lot of industries. In order to bridge the gap between candidates and employers, placement consultants are needed more in India" - says N.Muthukumar - Director of Deccan Force Consultants, Madurai.

MuthuKumar says - There is an increasing unemployment rate in Madurai and in India. Hence there is huge demand for placement(man power) and recruitment consultants. Hence Deccan Force Consultants are working towards getting placement for every unemployed, but qualified candidates in Madurai - eventually South India. In effect, we want to ease the efforts of employers and facilitate the smooth functioning of
industries with filled human resources.

We want to become a private employment exchange for all the job categories and industries in Madurai and serve the society, adds Mr.Muthu. Muthu assures that they will work very hard to get every candidate placed in the appropriate industry, whoever contacts them.

DeccanForce is in the process of building a jobs portal, but for now, please send in your resumes to or

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Family pressure for Entrepreneurs in Madurai

Parents say no to risks for Madurai Small Startups

Mr.X(name hidden for privacy) resigned his day job and plans to start a company of his own in Madurai.

X is a married man, with dependants including his wife, son, dad and mom.
When a young professional resigns his day job, takes risks - there is lot of oppositions and negative advocacy from all sides. Parents think from a conservative perspective and non-risky thinking of sticking to a job and getting salary and living a normal life.

It is good to have devil's advocate, when we are having an idea and we are going to execute the same. However, it is difficult to have all of them all the time. Those inputs has to be considered for improvement, but not to impediment any success steps.

If you have a brilliant idea, which you think will be a success in the market, considering your market research; if you have a business plan to execute the plan, which is reviewed by experts and they and you think that it is a good idea, if executed properly. Then nothing should stop you from executing this idea.

My friend X is going through this phase and he is starting a company of his own. I wish him success in his venture and "Made in Madurai" is backing up his business with funding.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

From "Madurai Times" Editor's Desk - 800th article of Madurai Blog

From "Madurai Times" Editor's Desk

Did you know the recent Top 10 Search Results released by Google and Yahoo in India?
Yes, search for "Katrina Kaif" stays at 10th in Google and "Namitha" in 9th position in Yahoo search engines from India.

That is where the society is going today. However, we also have achievements to show, excluding top searches tit-bit from google and yahoo! Yes, this is our 800th blog article in

Thank you for bringing "Madurai Times" this far by visiting This is 800th article of "Madurai Times". Your visiting the blog, inspires us to work more on Madurai Times and motivates us to write more.

Reaching 800th article is definitely a milestone. We have crossed various milestones so far. Here are some of the links for hundredth's.

200th Madurai Times Article
400th Madurai Times Article
500th Madurai Times Article
600th Madurai Times Article

and now this is 800th. Sometime in 2009, planning to reach 1000th and going to make it big. That will be a major one and by that time, EITHER

1) will launch Madurai Times Publication for a printed edition of a monthly magazine for Madurai, I believe and I wish.


2) will launch a "Madurai Times" Website with the information organized little bit more.

Here is Madurai Times Publication's aim - it was posted in a previous article in the blog - Aim of Madurai Times.

Problems in Madurai are discussed in two parts. Problems in Madurai Part I and Problems in Madurai Part II in the blog sometime in past. Also the solutions are proposed in New Madurai Website - New Madurai Foundation, as a long-term address.

This is one of the initiatives of "Made in Madurai" consultancy. As we have said before, we want Madurai to become New Madurai and eventually a Great Madurai.

Overall, only help we will ask from you all - Keep visiting the madurai times blog and refer to your friends, who are from south india.

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Madurai Human Resources are not expensive, but of good quality and hard working

Madurai human resources are cheap and inexpensive. The reason for that is the human resource are self-satisfied with the lifestyle and the money they have.

Everyone has their relatives and their own life keeping on moving. People run with their life with their jobs, salary and family. Hence, they don't worry much about the salary.

I know, friends in Madurai who lead their life comfortably even with Rs.2000 per month as salary. People are content in life, with whatever money they have got. Living within means is something our fore-fathers have taught us.

Only because of IT and ITeS invasion, normal middle-class people are seeing lot of money in their pockets.

I have one of my relative, who works for Alagendran Finance, who probably gets only less than Rs.5000 per month even after 5 to 7 years of service. Till date he gets his lunch to the office and does not eat outside. He even saves some money for his children. He goes out with his family to a movie once in a month! Amazing... You won't believe, he worked in Chennai office also with a similar salary.

Madurai is a kind of city, in which anyone can live with any kind of salary and BE HAPPY with whatever you have.

If you are starting a business in Madurai, you can get resources with Rs.2000 to Rs.5000. An associate manager can be acquired with Rs.7000 and the same time the resources are hard working and of good quality.

Don't you think it is the best possible scenario for an employer or whoever wants to start a business in Madurai?

If you want to post your resume, please send it to, and we will post it to the new placement company in Madurai.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Vijayakanth's DMDK conducting Job Fair 2008/2009: Chennai/Salem/Erode/Coimbatore/Madurai

Vijayakanth's DMDK conducting Job Fair in tamil nadu state...

Over 2,000 people from different parts of the Salem district attended the job fair organised by the Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam at a Hall in Salem on November 23rd 2008. Representatives from 30 firms from Chennai, Coimbatore, Salem and various other parts in the State participated in the fair and conducted the selection process.

Chennai job fair is already conducted in Anna Nagar West etc., By December 7th, there is a Job Fair to be conducted in Coimbatore.

Appreciate the efforts of DMDK leader Captain Vijayakanth. However, I wonder why job fairs are conducted in Erode, Coimbatore, Salem, Chennai - but not in MADURAI?!??

Given the fact that Vijayakanth is basically from Madurai, I request Captain to arrange a job fair in Madurai!!

If you want to send your resume, please send it to We will do the needful.


All about Tirumangalam Madurai - Voters Details

About Tirumangalam:

Tirumangalam is located in the Madurai District. The town is situated at a distance of 20 kms from Madurai, on the Madurai to Kanyakumari National Highways Road. The town is well connected, by the N.H.7 (Madurai – Kanyakumari).

Source: Tirumangalam Municipality

Population Details has grown rapidly during past two decades. While the overall development patterns concentrated in the central area, the areas along the northern side of the Bus Stand has grown rapidly. The growth pattern of the town is illustrated in the table below:

Population Growth



The p opulation density of Tirumangalam has gradually increased during the past two decades. Spread over an area of 10.70 sq. km. the town has a density of 2800 persons/ in 1981. With rapid growth of population, the density rose to 3300 persons/ in 1991 and to 4100 persons/ by 2001. The development largely concentrated along the northern side of the town.


Population – Wardwise:

Ward No




















































































































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Motivating yourself to save: Madurai Money Wisdom

Motivating Yourself to Save

Oftentimes, learning new methods to reduce spending and save money are not enough to change habits by themselves, and you may find yourself reverting back to old behaviors before you know it. Motivating yourself to save requires setting goals and constant visual reminders of those goals. Here are some useful tips:

Write down your financial goals and do research to find out what you need to do to get there. Set realistic timelines for achieving these goals.
Don't be afraid to choose goals such as a new home or car. These big tickets items can stimulate your savings attitude and financial motivation.
Create visual reminders of your goals and attach them to places such as the walls in your room, the dashboard of your car, or the background on your computer.
Along with continually learning of new ways to save, following these goal-setting tips will help you realize your dreams.


Interesting things happenning in Tirumangalam, Madurai

Interesting things happenning in Tirumangalam, Madurai

Here is the original post in madurai times about the election - please click here.
Looking forward to the election in Tirumangalam, there are lot of changes in Tirumangalam.

1) Bill boards and Display walls of houses are in great demand. All the political parties are interestingly reserving it.
2) Hotel rooms are reserved till January from now on.
3) houses and rooms for rent is in demand and the rent seems be on a rise than usual currently.
4) Effectively, ecomony of tirumangalam is in a good condition for a two month period:) Whoever is beneficiery is happy about it.
5) Shops and small business will be with good business during this two months period.
6) Political parties would fund Tirumangalam people with lot of gifts for sure. Both ruling and non-ruling would do lot good to the people in this period:)

Good for Tirumangalam, Madurai!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Madurai Land Registration Procedure

If you are buying land in Madurai, be careful of any evil real estate agents and brokers and be aware of the procedures, before you register a land on your name and make a purchase of real estate.

This message is to be read carefully, because there are complaints regarding this.

Madurai Pazhanganatham (Palanganatham) Registrar official Annamalai explains to Dinamalar. Please read the procedure and how to be careful in madurai real estate registration.

By the way - this does not complain all the real estate agents. This posting is just for consumers to be aware of evil elements in Madurai, if any.


Madurai Collector: P. Seetharaman from Nov 2008

Photo Source: The Hindu

P.Seetharaman took charge as Madurai District Collector here on Monday. Prior to this assignment, Mr. Seetharaman served as Managing Director, Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation (TASMAC).

Previous Madurai Collector S.S.Jawahar will become the Managing Director of TASMAC. Prior to Jawahar, Madurai Collector was Udayachandran IAS.

I wonder the reason behind change of positions frequently. I am not sure why it is like that?!

By the way offtrack- a tit-bit information:

A total of 16,92,222 voters’ names, including that of 8,43,112 of women, had been published in the draft voter list covering Melur, Madurai East, Sholavandan (R), Madurai North, Madurai South, Madurai Central, Madurai West, Tirupparankundram, Tirumangalam and Usilampatti Assembly constituencies.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Madurai Politics/Madurai Arasiyal: Tirumangalam/Thirumangalam By-Election 2008/2009

Following the death of MDMK MLA Mr.Veera Elavarasan by Nov 2008, by-election (bye-election) is announced in Thirumangalam/Tirumangalam constituency.

The election is scheduled to happen by January 9th, 2008. By January 15th the election result would be out.

MDMK chief Vaiko (Vai Gopalsamy) has paved way to the partnership for a seat in Thirumangalam legislative election. AIADMK is contesting on behalf of the partnership between AIADMK and MDMK. Candidate nomination from any of the parties is not yet done.

Interesting part is it is going to be a great war between DMK and AIADMK. It is a prestige issue for both the parties. Since the constituency is in Madurai, it is a prestige issue for Mr. Anjaa nenjan Azhagiri. This task has to be done successfully from DMK's side.

No party is released a candidate yet.

By the way - there are other parties curious to take out some votes to their plate. Vijayakanth's DMDK and Sarath kumar's AISMK would be nominating one from each party.

This would take votes from DMK and AIADMK vote banks.

Let us see how it goes and we will closely watch this election. This will prove how strong the parties are in this Madurai area - Thirumangalam/Tirumangalam!!!

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